Erin Foster pairs crisp production with brooding lyricism on debut track ‘Birthday’

Under pink neon lights, singer/songwriter and producer, Erin Foster drops a sparkling debut single with substance beneath the glitter.

Erin Foster, 23, Gold Coast, previously performed under the moniker Karamilk while studying law at Bond University. If that wasn’t impressive enough, the artist self-taught herself how to sing, write and produce to great avail, scoring plays from Triple J, and performing in festivals including the Rockhampton River Festival.

However, a new era for the creative has begun. Switching out her moniker for her real name, Foster has released her glimmering debut single Birthday.  Erin Foster

Birthday gently introduces the listener into the soundscape, with padded synths and Foster’s bedroom-pop vocals. Clairo is a key reference here, however, Foster has an international accent shine through in her timbre, stemming from her Canadian heritage. While the soundscape is sparkly and bright, Foster’s lyricism immediately wrestles darker themes. Cry on your birthday” the artist sings, referring to her boyfriends’ discomfort with the day of expected overt happiness.

“I get it because I get that way too on my birthday. It’s a self-appraisal you can’t avoid and he felt the weight of it”, Foster comments on the track with channelled precision. This is the key theme that is explored throughout the track’s lyrics; a striking contrast to the brightly coloured synths and upbeat electronic drums.


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Foster’s songwriting and production quips are most salient in the hook. The synths crescendo as Foster’s melodic hook pans from left to right, engulfing the listener in the soundscape. “I don’t think you know I don’t think you know what you want, or who you like”.

Foster’s mature observations and unique subject matter propel this cruisy electronic tune to new heights. If this is only the debut single, there’s plenty to be excited about for this emerging artist. We’ll be keeping one ear on the ground for Erin Foster.

Listen to Birthday below: