LA’s Evangeline is back with a brand new EP and it’s giving us all the warm and fuzzies

Immerse yourself in the incredible, dreamy, grounded, yet in the same breath other-worldly talent that is Evangeline

Following her 80s-inspired punk rock single ‘I Wanna Be There’, Evangeline just dropped her new EP, When Demigods Go…, and it’s all kinds of sublime.

Produced by Max Shrager (The Shacks, Say She She), the EP is filled with 60s vibes and Evangeline’s iconic voice that just makes you feel good about everything – even heartbreak. With honest, unpretentious vocals,  ‘The Last Song’ is set to steal your heart.

Evangeline shares: ‘When Demigods Go’ is a reference to a line in the poem ‘Give All To Love’ by Ralph Waldo Emerson. In it, he encourages the listener to remain committed, above all else, to love.

But he offers specific comfort to the listener facing heartbreak, explaining that perhaps the person who broke your heart wasn’t the god you thought they were, but instead just a Demi-god, whose exit makes room for the Gods to arrive.”

Evangeline’s got a lot going on – not only is she making her acting debut next month in NYC, but her original music is also featured in the upcoming movie Winter Spring Summer or Fall, which will premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival and stars Jenna Ortega!

Get ready to fall in love with this EP – listen to it below.