Spaceman Africa is looking to create a genre of his own with new album

‘Full of Plates and Screws’ is the latest addition to Spaceman Africa the Musical’s extensive catalogue of self-coined Rock & LOL

Hailing from Canberra, Spaceman Africa is no stranger to travel, experience and the anecdotal sharing of both. His self-proclaimed twist is in the way he assigns his most comedic adventures to song, committing them to the canon that is Spaceman Africa the Musical.

After a drunken bender in Ireland led to the legal changing of his name, Spaceman offers a collection of soundtracks to his life as a travelling nomad. Entirely autobiographical, Spaceman presents his comedy show in musical form.

‘Full of Plates and Screws’ contains memorable moments like ‘Horny German Truck Driver (From the Driver’s POV)’, the title being fairly self explanatory.

With a classic rock chorus complete with female backing vocals and slightly out of tune guitars, Spaceman paints a vivid, explicit picture, his boyish humour readily apparent.

The album opener, ‘The Electric Scooter Blues’ is a little more high octane, rather than wandering.

Spaceman Africa is clearly unafraid to take the piss out of himself, his confidence and jovial nature bouncing off one another as he details bouncing off his electric scooter.

Following the crass nature of his truck driver anecdote, ‘I Wanked My Shoulder’ is perhaps the most egregious example of Spaceman’s humour.

With a genuinely amusing chorus, made funnier by Spaceman’s commitment to sounding like an earnest rockstar, this track is a prime example of Spaceman at his best.

‘The Bidet Song’ is another charged track, simple crunchy chord progressions and another catchy chorus allow Spaceman to lament over his first experience with a bidet.

‘I Had My Boots On!’ is an acoustic track, pulling on 90s brit rock. Spaceman is still theatrical, though he details perhaps the most vulnerable experience on the album, though still a punchline reigns supreme.

Spaceman Africa is most certainly a performer, and he feeds his fans such a specific brand that it’s hard to imagine they would ever feel unsatisfied.

This new record is another notch on his comedic belt, and another set of memories made immortal.

Listen to ‘Full of Plates and Screws’ in full below.