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Eventide Blackhole: iconic digital reverb for your pedalboard

Eventide has released their Blackhole reverb as a standalone effects pedal. Plus, you can still menu-dive as deep as you like.

Eventide has come to dominate digital effects through innovative rack-mounted processors, plugins, and multi-effects units. They’ve now released a new reverb pedal: the Blackhole.

The Blackhole offers up the much-loved reverb algorithm in a standalone effects pedal. It features lots of options for dialling in a world of ambience, including 5 presets accessible by foot and up to 127 via MIDI.

Eventide Blackhole

Originally found on the DSP4000 Ultra-Harmonizer, the Blackhole reverb algorithm made its way to the H9, H8000, Space Reverb, and is accessible as a plugin. Now it’s available as an effects pedal with no menu-diving in sight (well, unless you want to).

The Blackhole is highly tweakable: you can control the pedal with the knobs and switches, or plug into the Eventide Device Manager via mini-USB. Using the Freeze switch you can stack layers on top of a suspended reverb, or hold the effect in stasis, letting you play over the reverb trail.

Each knob has a primary and secondary function. Normal and inverse decays are controlled by the Gravity knob, while the size and depth of a space is controlled by the Size knob. You’re able to map any number of the controls to an expression pedal, even preset switching.

There are also stereo inputs and outputs, as well as a switch to change between guitar and line level. The Blackhole is an easy to use reverb pedal but can be expanded massively by MIDI, expression pedals, and the Eventide Device Manager, making it a valuable asset for the studio, as well as the pedalboard.

Read more about the Blackhole on the Eventide website.