Amusement, tragedy, and all the colours in-between: A chat with Everie

Everie is one of those artists who was seemingly always destined to be involved with this industry.

From her time touring with a theatre company, to her teenage years writing and recording… Everie has always been surrounded by music.

This Sunday, the artist is set to launch her debut EP, so we thought we’d catch up for a chat before all the action goes down.

Ahead of her debut EP launch this Sunday, we caught up with singer-songwriter Everie to chat about storytelling, theatre, and the nerve-wracking experience of releasing music.

HAPPY: Hey how’re you going? What have you been up to lately?

EVERIE: Hi there! I am doing really well… I’ve spent the last two months in the studio writing, rewriting, recording the EP and I can’t believe how close we are to sharing this.

HAPPY: You’re releasing your debut EP next week… are there any nerves?

EVERIE: I think anything that you really believe in is going to be nerve-wracking. I’ve fishtailed between thinking I’m a hack or comparable to Beethoven and nothing in between.

The process has escalated into something completely wonderful and unexpected so I’m starting to just let myself feel excited.

HAPPY: It’s titled Emotionally Available – could you tell us a little more regarding what the EP’s about?

EVERIE: The title has a fair bit of irony as I can be quite closed off as a person. Every track on this EP is really personal storytelling that I haven’t been brave enough to explore outside of writing music.

The main theme of the record is the multi-faceted way we can look at our own dysfunction or destruction. Sometimes with reverie and amusement, other times with tragedy and all the colours in-between.

HAPPY: It sounds like you’ve already developed a pretty fully-formed sound… was this the type of music you intended to make? Or was it something that emerged naturally?

EVERIE: I guess I wanted to write songs I would want to listen to. I have a great deal of respect and interest in the boundless possibilities of electronic music and how layering within a song can completely change and elevate a piece of music into something else entirely.

HAPPY: For the production and mixing of the EP, you worked with Sam Lloyd and Johann Willenberg. Could you walk us through what it was like working alongside these two?

EVERIE: I have had such a life changing experience working with these two incredible producers. Sam is completely brilliant and can turn any request into a certified toasted banger.

I write acoustically but we have developed such a dialogue about the sound we wanted to make.

Working with Johann (or Yogi as he is to me) was a real turning point for the EP. He really connected with the songs and was the first set of ears outside of my inner circle to find a resonance with the material.

He is both an incredible musician, vocal producer and mixer and I can’t believe I have someone of his calibre working alongside me on these tracks.

HAPPY: I understand you’ve got a bit of a history in theatre. Could you tell us a little about this?

EVERIE: I’ve spent the last few years touring and working in theatre. It has been an incredible experience and opportunity to learn stagecraft, discipline… whats it’s like to have the stamina for an 8 show week and sing repertoire in all genres.

Like any genre I listen to there is so much to learn from the songwriting of different composers.

HAPPY: Do you feel your time working in that world has impacted the music you’re currently making?

EVERIE: I have no doubt that I have taken all the aspects of stagecraft and storytelling I have learned in theatre and applied them to my own work.

I spent the greater half of my last touring show using the pianos in the dressing rooms to write this EP so its all very connected.

HAPPY: You’re going to be debuting the project live on August 5th… what can we expect from a live Everie show?

EVERIE: I guess I’ve written songs that you can cry to, dance to, get down to and rage to… so take your pick and comply with the rules of the venue.

HAPPY: What else have you got planned going forward? Any other new music in the works?

EVERIE: I’m always writing and collaborating, so watch this space… it’s gonna be good.

Head along to Everie’s EP launch this Sunday August 5th
Gingers, Lvl 1, 134 Oxford St, Darlinghurst.

Tickets here.