Everyone’s feelings about Tony Abbott lingering in politics is summed up perfectly in this Dr. Seuss rhyme

ICYMI, Tony Abbott has been jettisoned from his job as Prime Minister, by his own party no less, but that hasn’t stopped him from traversing the globe speaking about his immigration policies and his personal beef with same-sex marriage.

While he still remains a Liberal backbencher having retained his seat as the federal member for Warringah, the festy Abbott smell continues to linger much to the chagrin of everyone. Thankfully, the good folk on Channel 10’s The Project, with help from former Australian Senator Amanda Vanstone and Sydney Morning Herald writer Andrew P Street have managed to sum up all those feelings in the most appropriate way possible, with a rhyme reminiscent of master wordsmith Dr. Seuss.

This may be the best observation of Australian politics since that video detailing our leadership history as a Pokemon battle.

First seen on Pedestrian.