EWI Solo: AKAI’s electronic wind instrument with a built-in speaker

The EWI Solo offers a truly wireless experience aimed at practice or performance, through a rechargeable battery and onboard speaker.

AKAI Professional has introduced a new member to their Electronic Wind Instrument family, the EWI solo. The Solo aims to provide the complete EWI experience, with an onboard speaker, a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and multiple inputs and outputs.

The EWI Solo comes with 200 preset sounds, from realistic reproductions of wind and brass instruments to extreme synth tones.

Akai Pro EWI Solo

The sounds onboard the EWI Solo can be modified via the onboard Reverb, Delay, and Chorus FX controls, or through the editing facilities for the Pitch, Tuning and Dual LFOs.

Being wireless is one of the headline features of the Solo. The lithium-ion battery offers 12+ hours of playtime, and the onboard speaker means no cables to plug in. If you want to make full use of the Solo, it includes USB-MIDI connectivity for the ability to control software instruments from a laptop, a quarter-inch output to plug into a PA, and an eighth-inch aux input to play along with a backing track. For silent practise at home there’s also an eighth-inch headphone out.

The Solo adapts to all the main fingering styles (flute, oboe and saxophone), as well as including an EVI (electronic valve instrument) fingering mode. The air-pressure level sensor and bite sensor on the mouthpiece make it ultra-responsive, so you can accurately control volume and pitch dynamics.

Check out the full specs on the AKAI website.