PREMIERE: FOURA unearths a soothing dance gem on her single ‘U&Me’

On her latest single, FOURA stretches her sonic further than it has ever gone before. Blending dance, garage, and electronica into a glistening reflection, the City of Melbourne COVID-19 Arts Grant supported track is one that you’ll have on repeat for days.

There’s something so compelling about dance. It lies on this glistening intersection between full-frontal electronica and pop, weaving through tasters of garage, hip-hop, and RnB on its way. Armoured in neon beats and nostalgia, dance-adjacent tracks are able to boast an array of introspection within velvety walls of comfort, making them so utterly addictive. On her latest single, FOURA does just that.

Casting her beats into a weather of feeling, U&Me transports the listener into a space coloured by neon-tinted glasses. While this visual is completely up to the interpretation of the listener, there’s still one thing for sure; the Melbourne DJ has produced a hit with the power to turn lockdown into the club of your dreams.

foura u&me

Although relatively new to the release stream, FOURA (f.k.a. Lotus Moonchild) is a household name to any Melbourne club regular. A staple on the Revolver Upstairs, Glamorama, Section 8, and Lucky Coq dancefloors, her unique blend of sonic and command of tone is what sets her apart.

FOURA is able to convey overwhelming and fleeting moments within walls of bass. Melting through introspection and care, she has found a stunning balance of lightness and darkness within her music, moulding her production as a way to emphasise these elements of life. The track’s title U&Me really says it all.

“The tipping point in production was the 2019 unofficial release of FOURA’s DNTWNTU (Jorja Smith Remix),” the artist’s bio reads. “The remix defined a signature sound that presented elevated house synths, jumping snares and garage bass. In early 2020 Stand By Sharon (prod. Lotus Moonchild) was packaged on the As We Know It compilation, the premiere release from Revolver Upstairs Records and was a stand out garage heater.”


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New music T-minus 7 days.

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“During the 2020 pandemic, FOURA forged ahead with the Pressure remix for Revolver partner in crime Binosfki, resulting in a feelgood house jam, reminiscent of hands high dancefloors. The release of My Truth with vocalist Emy Zaluzna points to a strong ability to write songs, not just tracks, paving the way for a big future, post pandemic, pre 2021 festivals. My Truth is a nod to 2000’s UK 2 Step sound, that crossed garage into the mainstream.” 

With all these accolades all under her belt, you would assume that there would be no other way for the Melbourne local to expand her creative output. How wrong you were. U&Me boasts all the best things that you love about FOURA’s music and then turns the dial up to eleven. Each note is lusher, each nuance deeper, and the melody is richer than ever before.

With a number of overwhelmingly positive reviews and more tracks on the way, we’re on the edge of our seats waiting to see what FOURA delivers next.

Check out U&Me below: