Exclusive Track + Interview with Davey Lane

Davey Lane, famous for his involvement in You Am I, has been running the solo circuit for some time now. He recently released the first peek of his upcoming album Atonally Young back in August and has kindly shared this latest track The Undergrowth exclusively for Happy! Here’s a chat we had with Davey about the new record:

davey lane

HAPPY: You recorded the album within a week, was this hard to do?

DAVEY: Not really. I had the songs pretty well mapped out in my head and on demo, so it was pretty clear as to what the parts, arrangements and sounds we’re going to be from the outset. In many cases it was just making better sounding versions of the demos. I’m a pretty bloody ordinary singer, so I guess the most time consuming part was getting down vocals that were in tune!

HAPPY: There’s a raw feel throughout the album, was this what you were aiming for?

DAVEY: Really? If anything I felt it could have been rawer in places. It’s pretty hi-fi to my ears but then again my favourite sounding records are by Jay Reatard, Comets On Fire and Billy Childish, so….

HAPPY: You also covered a number of styles from post punk to psychedelic pop, to shoegaze/indie rock. Were you aiming for a mixed bag of sounds for this album?

DAVEY: Yep, I always do. Records that sound the same from start to finish bore the be-yeezus outta me, I like to not know what’s coming next and that’s how I like to make my records.  Probably shooting myself in the foot in the process but swings and roundabouts an’ all that…

HAPPY: Did you have an idea of what style or sound you wanted for each song when you started writing?

DAVEY: Yep, it was pretty clear from the outset. I’m pretty impulsive and instinctive about it, I usually write songs on acoustic guitar but I’m hearing in my head how the arrangement will go. I can be strumming away like your usual boring singer-songwriter but be hearing the fuckin Sugarhill Gang in my head.

HAPPY: Is there any style of music you’ve wanted to try but haven’t done so yet?

DAVEY: I’d love to try a hardcore record. I got heaps of musical ideas but as I said before my voice is weak as shit so I just can’t sing it. Melodic stuff is fine but I just don’t have the throat for thrashy stuff which frustrates the hell outta me.

HAPPY: Is there any style of music you’d never touch?

DAVEY: I suppose all forms have merit, it’s just that some have been tarnished by stuff that sucks in some way. I’d give anything a try, given that I could twist it however I see fit. No, wait, I’ve thought of one. Any genre of music that has the word fusion in it is fuckin hideous and should be avoided at all costs.

HAPPY: What made you pick Komarov as the first single?

DAVEY: It kinda sums up my own brand of psychedelic nonsense I guess.

HAPPY: What was the inspiration behind the spacey video clip?

DAVEY: The song’s lyrics.

HAPPY: Are there any video clips planned for any other tracks in the album?

DAVEY: Yeah, at least one more, for a song called Not An Option Now, but even low-budget clips ain’t easy on the hip pocket.

HAPPY: There were no tracks from your previous EP on the album, was it important to keep this release separate from your EP?

DAVEY: I would have liked to put You’re The Cops I’m The Crime on there, but consensus ruled against it… maybe when we release it overseas.

HAPPY: Why is lyfe in the track Portal To Another Lyfe spelt with a y?

DAVEY: Y not?

HAPPY: You’re about to go on tour, what’s it like to be preparing to play these new solo songs live?

DAVEY: It’s hanging out with my mates and hoping to hell I’ll be able to sing em properly. In any case it’ll be a good time for all.

Davey Lane’s record Atonally Young will be available digitally and in real actual physical record stores (yeah, they still exist!) on October 3, and you can catch him live at one of the dates listed below!

Thursday 30th Oct– Karova Lounge, Ballarat, VIC

Friday 31st Oct– Northcote Social Club, Melb

Friday 7th Nov– Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle

Saturday 8th Nov– Newtown Social Club, Syd

Friday 21st Nov -The Brightside, Bris