Sunday Honey unveils ‘You Stay’ – A honeyed ode to love’s complexities

Sunday Honey deliver their latest gem ‘You Stay,’ a heartfelt & raw anthem that shows off the band’s unwavering dedication to their craft

Riding high on the waves of their triumphant debut in 2022, Mornington Peninsula/Melbourne darlings, Sunday Honey, return with their latest sonic concoction, ‘You Stay.’

Brimming with rich, honeyed vocals that effortlessly entwine with gritty guitars and overdriven chords, ‘You Stay’ marks a significant stride for the local quartet, hinting at the promise of a monumental year ahead.

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Crafted during a period of respite amidst the whirlwind of their burgeoning music career, the track exudes a magnetic allure, tailor-made for coastal road trips, cinematic adventures, and the grand stages of festivals.

It’s a quintessential embodiment of the signature Sunday Honey sound, showcasing the band’s impeccable songwriting finesse and production prowess.

Helmed by Sunday Honey’s own Fox DeRoche on production and mixing duties, with the final touch of mastering wizardry by Steve Smart at Studio 301, ‘You Stay’ serves as an enticing invitation to fans of luminaries like Catfish and the Bottlemen and Spacey Jane.

“This track is about building friendships and falling in love with people who don’t feel the same way,” shares the band, offering a glimpse into the thematic depth woven into their latest offering.

“It’s always hard finding out that someone is just pretending to be friends with you or finding out that a romantic interest doesn’t feel exactly how they say they do. This song was written with that idea in mind.”

Sunday Honey, despite their inception in 2021, have swiftly garnered a devoted following across Victoria. From electrifying performances at Melbourne’s hallowed venues such as Cherry Bar, The Toff in Town, and Workers Club, to a sold-out spectacle at The Espy’s Gershwin Room supporting their comrades Des Cortez, the quartet has left an indelible mark on the local scene.

Their musical journey has been punctuated by a series of releases, including the infectious “Old Mate Bill” and the anthemic “seven five zero” in 2022, followed by a cascade of hits in 2023, including ‘On My Mind,’ ‘Slow Dance,’ and ‘Silver Lining,’ culminating in their highly acclaimed debut EP, ‘Kaleidoscope.’

As they stride confidently into 2024, ‘You Stay’ serves as but a tantalising glimpse of what Sunday Honey has in store for their ever-growing legion of fans—a promise of more sonic adventures, more poignant narratives, and undoubtedly, more honeyed melodies to sweeten the airwaves.

Listen to ‘You Stay’ below: