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‘Black Panther’ director to take on Prince musical

Prepare to go crazy, a music biopic about Prince is in the works, helmed by director Ryan Coogler

Director Ryan Coogler, renowned for his work on ‘Black Panther,’ is set to produce a new film featuring the iconic music of Prince.

Departing from traditional biopics, the project will take the form of a jukebox musical, incorporating Prince’s legendary hits into an original storyline.

Image: NPR

Universal Pictures is spearheading the production, with Bryan Edward Hill, known for his contributions to DC’s

Titans,’ handling the script. While details surrounding the film, including its title, plot, directorial approach, and casting, remain tightly under wraps, Coogler’s involvement suggests a production that will pay homage to Prince’s musical legacy with both visual flair and emotional depth.

Despite the enduring popularity of ‘Purple Rain’ (1984), Coogler’s project promises a fresh perspective, offering audiences a new narrative infused with Prince’s dynamic energy.

Envision a cinematic experience where the beats of ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ and the soulful melodies of ‘Purple Rain’ drive the story forward, captivating viewers with their timeless allure.

Anticipation for the film is palpable, with a projected release date in 2025 generating excitement among fans eager to see how Coogler will interpret Prince’s music on the big screen.

As the project develops, it promises to deliver an immersive cinematic experience that honors the musical genius of Prince while introducing his iconic songs to a new generation of audiences.

In a world where music and storytelling intersect, Coogler’s vision for this Prince musical signals a captivating journey through the soundscape of one of music’s most legendary figures.

Stay tuned for further updates as production progresses, and prepare to experience Prince’s music in a whole new light under the guidance of Ryan Coogler and Universal Pictures.