Exclusive video from Lëura

The incredibly talented Lëura recently released her stunning debut album recently.  If you need convincing of the fact then have a gander at this bleeding heart review. In addition to mastering (and creating) the genre of ambient heartbreak folk prog, Lëura has also shared a video of herself performing an acoustic version of her song Drifter which can be viewed exclusively here. While you’re at it why not check out the quick Q&A as she reveals the nitty gritty of her heartbreaking songwriting.
Lëura Exclusive

Watch Lëura perform an exclusive acoustic version of Drifter, as well as reveal the heartbreak that led to her becoming a musician and plans for the future.

HAPPY: Let’s get to know each other a little better. What inspired you to pursue music?
LËURA: I was a writer long before I was a musician. It took me a while to realise that I needed more than words on paper to externalise how I was feeling and truly vent the emotion. I first picked up a guitar when the girl I was in love with, was in love with a boy, who played guitar.
HAPPY: Like all art music is meant to be a cathartic experience, but do you ever fear that playing within this vein of music may have the opposite effect?

LËURA: I know Australian artist Washington intentionally kept her Insomnia record in the shadows because she couldn’t face re-living those moments time and time again. For me it’s quite the opposite. The writing of these songs was so cathartic in itself, I find that the effect carries through. I definitely relive the experience every single time, but I think that only makes for an authentic performance. If I’m screaming or thrashing around on-stage it’s because I’m venting those moments, and it’s excruciating. I’ll get completely consumed in a show, lose all track of time, and come out exhausted, yet somehow completely refreshed. It’s pain and healing all at the same time. I don’t want to forget the things that have happened to me, they’ve made me who I am today. I just think the key is not to dwell. Pain can be a beautiful thing if used correctly.

HAPPY: Public visibility is an incredibly important thing for a muso. How much importance do you place on that and how do you manage your brand to to best reflect yourself as an artist?
LËURA: To be honest, I don’t spend much time on myself as a brand at all. My music is my brand, and any external visibility beyond that is literally just me. They are one and the same, and hopefully they both have the same honesty and integrity. If my personality or my aesthetic reflects my brand, then I’m only to happy to be known as a heartbroken, friendly feminist who is cynical about the world, but loves gold leaf, pastel hair and parachute pants.
HAPPY: What plans moving forward?
LËURA: I’m currently in the middle of doing a very exciting video for Skeleton Swoon, which involves a lot of fire! Aside from that I’m pretty focused on moving forward with the follow up album, which thematically will be even more intense than the EP. I’m steering away from heartbreak, and exploring the festering notion of secrecy. A ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ kind of approach to harm, where the ‘Hydes’ of this world become the devil’s royalty.
HAPPY: Happy always features the stuff that gives us butterflies, so we want to know what makes you happy?
LËURA: There’s a lady named Marlene who plays saxophone on the streets of Newtown. She is a remarkable woman, with a fascinating story. She plays the blues, but goddamn she makes me happy.