The Grateful Dead will be sharing classic live shows in a new weekly series

The Grateful Dead will be sharing classic live shows in a new weekly series

One of the most prolific and acclaimed live bands ever, The Grateful Dead are sharing a whole load of classic live shows from their lengthy career.

Having performed in excess of 2,000 live shows and with a massive fan community colloquially referred to as ‘Deadheads’, there is an extensive amount of live shows to choose from.

The Grateful Dead

With an archive expanding in excess of 2,000 shows, The Grateful Dead are live streaming historic live shows with a prior Q&A every Friday.

The series of live streams is called Shakedown Stream. It will be held every Friday and feature a Q&A with historian Gary Lambert and David Lemieux, the band’s archivist (we can only imagine how much there would be in the archives). The first concert was recorded at Rich Stadium New York in 1989 while original frontman Jerry Garcia was still alive.

Lambert and Lemieux explained the purpose of the series, stating:

“We’ve decided to start the streaming video series with the Buffalo ’89 show for a couple of primary reasons. Its excellence is indisputable and is something that we think pretty much everyone will enjoy in the absence of actually being able to see live concerts; and, as a tribute to the many rabid, loyal Dead Heads from the hard-hit tri-state area, which has been affected more than anywhere else in the country. To all of the Dead Heads in New York State and beyond, this one’s for you.”

Be sure to check in next week for a live stream of the band’s The Grateful Dead Movie from 1977.

Check out the band’s 1989 New York show below.