EXCLUSIVE: Watch Pretty City bring the T. Rex classic 20th Century Boy to rock n’ roll fuzzed out heights never seen before

Happy is in top gear right now. Subscribers have been mailed the fabulous Issue 3, we’ve had interviews coming out of our ears and the team has spent some time behind soundproof studio doors.

Following our first visitors DARTS who blew us away with a cover of The Stone Roses’ I Wanna Be Adored, we’re ready to unleash our second instalment in an ongoing collaboration with the legends at Enmore Audio. It’s about to get loud.

20th century boy

Watch Pretty City thrash through a high-energy rendition of 20th Century Boy by T. Rex – recorded in partnership with Enmore Audio.

Pretty City have had a huge year. Their debut LP Colorize dropped in April to massive acclaim and throughout August the three-piece toured the record on the live stage all over Australia. Boasting a classic rock sound that could fill a stadium, we almost felt bad stuffing them into a studio. Almost.

Harking back to the early 70’s for their choice of cover, the fellas settled on T. Rex’s iconic cut 20th Century Boy. Twisting it to fit their own bill, Pretty City present a version soaked in fuzz from a meaty three amp stack, tight-knit drum fills and vocals drenched in attitude. Check it out above.