'Life changing' eye drops could replace reading glasses for those with blurry vision

‘Life changing’ eye drops could replace reading glasses for those with blurry vision

The new, FDA-approved eye drops will hit the US market on Thursday, after working wonders for blurry vision in trials.

Vuity eye drops could be the answer to age-related blurry vision after successful trials involving 750 participants.

Experts have suggested the medicine could completely replace reading glasses for those who suffer from blurred near-vision, so without being too dramatic, this could genuinely be life-changing.

Photo: AbbVie

A study was once performed to see how wearing glasses influences age perception and found that people over 45 look five or more years older when wearing eyeglasses. So if you care about that sort of thing, this is big news.

The effects of the eye drops take about 15 minutes to kick in and last for six to ten hours. Only one drop is required in each eye, which decreases the size of your pupils to provide sharper vision.

The Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Principal Investigator for the trial, Dr George Waring explained, “Reducing the pupil size expands the depth of field or the depth of focus, and that allows you to focus at different ranges naturally”.

It isn’t clear when Australians can get their hands on Vuity’s elixir, but when we can, it could make a difference for a lot of people.

A study run by Specsavers this year found that 48 percent of Australians over the age of 40 struggle with poor vision. That’s 5.2 million people in Australia alone that suffer from age-related blurriness.

While these eye drops are an exciting development, they aren’t the perfect solution. The manufacturer has recommended that user’s don’t drive at night while using the medicine, and side effects can include headaches and red eyes. It also exclusively treats patients with age-related blurry vision, and is not considered a solution to people with astigmatism or other commonly occurring eyesight problems.

At the moment, a month’s supply of the eye drops will set consumers back around $116.00 AUD. But once competing companies come up with similar solutions, it’s possible that the price will decrease.