Australia’s music industry is facing a long overdue review

The Australian music industry is facing its own reckoning with an independent review into sexual harm, harassment, and discrimination.

The entertainment industry worldwide was given a shake in the wake of 2016’s MeToo movement, as we collectively started to affirm the idea that every workplace should be a safe and harassment-free arena – for everyone. And we would no longer accept ‘that’s showbiz, baby’ as any sort of excuse.

Now, heading into 2022, it has been announced that a national review into the prevalence and nature of sexual harm, harassment and systemic discrimination in Australia’s music industry will take place over the next six months. There will be a public industry briefing today to kick things off.

Jaguar Jonze via Twitter

The music industry – historically painted as a progressive sector – is full of creative, inspiring, passionate people with a love for the art. It’s hard to reconcile that it is also full of discrimination, abuse, and exploitation, but that’s the sad reality we live in.

The music industry review is being spearheaded by the Temporary Working Group (TWG) that was formed earlier in the year to drive action into sexual misconduct. TWG includes volunteers such as Jaguar Jonze with the support of the industry’s most influential bodies;ARIA, APRA AMCOS, PPCA, Australian Council, and Support Act.

TWG stressed the importance of ensuring all voices across the industry, specifically those most vulnerable, are heard and have the opportunity to contribute to the outcomes – assigning external consultants, Alexandra Shehadie and Sam Turner to undertake the review.

The report exploring and revealing the Aus music industry’s culture is set to arrive in July next year and will include recommended solutions and areas for reform based on testimonial’s from industry professional’s.

“It is only through this survivor-centric approach can we understand the problems that allow for systemic abuse and sexual harassment to occur in our industry. The journey to appoint independent consultants Alex and Sam has been immense, and is a big step in pushing for real change,” The TWG announced in a statement.

Today’s National Industry Briefing will take place at 1pm AEST. The briefing aims to offer the people of the industry the opportunity to hear from Shehadie and Turner, their methodology and approach to this work, and how to be heard and get involved.

This review into the Australian music industry will hopefully pioneer a change in culture that will foster diverse, equitable, and ultimately safe environments for everyone, but we will have to wait until July to dive deep into its findings.


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