Orgies get the tick of approval from New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced on live television that Tinder meetups are back, and up to 25 people can meet at a time.

Our favourite PM, Jacinda Ardern appeared on the popular news program Seven Sharp (kind of like The Project, but better) and was asked about her timeline for reopening.

Ardern revealed that “Tinder liaisons have reopened,” giving the green light for meetings of “up to 25… in a red area”.

Photo: Instagram/Seven Sharp

Seven Sharp host Jeremy Wells had a ‘mate’ at the forefront of his mind, quickly responding, “that’s great news… for my friend”. Yeah, sure buddy.

Meanwhile, his co-host Hilary Barry also got a giggle out of the Prime Minister’s comments but didn’t waste any time skipping forward to the next topic.

The ‘red area’ Ardern is referring to is part of New Zealand’s ‘traffic light system’ which is their approach to reopening.

‘Red’ areas are high-risk zones where COVID-19 transmission is a high risk, in ‘orange’, residents are urged to be cautious as community infections are still likely, and ‘green’ zones are areas with low infection rates, where health services are prepared to respond.

While orgies aren’t directly addressed in New Zealand’s traffic light system, residents can now rest assured that up to 25 people can get in on the action before anyone has to wait outside.

Australia is yet to clarify how many people can attend an orgy, but we can be sure that it’s a shame we can’t claim New Zealand’s Prime Ministers as freely as we claim their musicians.