Ezra Miller is under question for a missing mother and her three children

Police suspect that Ezra Miller may be tied to the unknown whereabouts of a mother and her three children, who were staying with the actor.

Following their recent felony burglary charge, Ezra Miller is now under question for a missing 25-year-old mother and her three kids. Reportedly, they were staying with The Flash actor at their ranch in Vermont.

According to court documents, Ezra Miller claims the family of four vacated the property months ago. However, Vermont State Police believe that Ezra may be concealing information about their current location.

Credit: Evan Agostini / AP

As stated in People, the authorities attempted to “serve an emergency care order” to the mother last weekend, which required the three young children to be removed from the home and from her care.

“Miller, the owner of the residence, advised that Mother and the children had not been staying there for the past two months,” reads a DCF caseworker’s affidavit. “This contradicts information [the DCF caseworker] presented to the Court in her affidavit as Mother was posting on social media in late July 2022 that [the case worker] recognized as the inside of Miller’s residence.”  

Credit: Berzane Nasser / ABACA / Shutterstock

According to Rolling Stone, sources initially “raised alarm bells over the children’s safety,” following the discovery of unattended weapons around the property. The sources also claim to have witnessed one of the children, who is a one-year-old, place a bullet in their mouth. This is a stark contrast to the now-missing mother’s former statements about the home, where she describes the ranch as a “healing haven.”

Over the last year, 29-year-old Ezra Miller has faced a number of accusations based on their “erratic behaviour,” and has been arrested on two occasions. Their latest criminal charge for felony burglary in Stamford will be trialed in Vermont Superior Court on September 26.