Tokata Iron Eyes adresses Ezra Miller grooming allegations

The parents of a now 18-year-old have accused Ezra Miller of grooming their child since they were 12 and the actor was 23.

Ezra Miller has been accused of grooming Tokata Iron Eyes, a child from North Dakota, since they were in their early teens. Her parents are now seeking a restraining order against the actor, who has faced several accusations of illegal activity and misconduct in recent months.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Miller and Tokata first met when they were 12-years old and 23-years-old respectively, sparking a friendship that Tokata’s parents say, put her at risk.

Ezra Miller

They allege that The Flash star supplied their child with alcohol, weed, and LSD, and that Tokata dropped out of school as a result of Miller’s influence.

The documents also suggest that the worried parents flew to Miller’s home in New York City and found their child without their drivers licence, keys, or bank card, further alleging that Tokata was covered in bruises.

Tokata has since made a statement on social media addressing the allegations.

“I dropped out of bard five months ago,” they wrote. “My friend and comrade William passed shortly there after, my mind was incredibly impacted and I’ve needed space and time for the processing of grief. My comrade Ezra Miller for the entirety of the aforementioned era has only provided loving support and invaluable protection throughout this period of loss.”

Tokata added, “My father and his allegations hold no weight and are frankly transphobic and based in the notion that I am somehow incapable of coherent thought or opposing opinions to those of my own kindred worrying about my well being. I am now aware of the severity of emotional and psychological manipulation I was made to endure while in my parents home.”

“I am an adult and I deserve to feel authority in my own body,” the statement continued.

Tokata alluded to a poor relationship with their parents in the post, but maintained that their allegations were false.