Needle In The Hay

New to the Needle in the Hay Prize Pool: the FabFilter Pro Bundle!

FabFilter has taken the audio industry by storm, releasing a swag of ‘must-have’ plugins. The Pro Bundle is part of the Needle in the Hay prize pool and valued at $739!

Dutch plugin maestros FabFilter tend to steer clear of the well-trodden retro emulation path. Instead, they proudly espouse the virtues of the new, creating plugins that utilise the very best of modern digital technology.

With the Pro Bundle, it’s all in the name. Seven top-quality plugins for surgical EQ, tasteful compression and limiting, plus an innovative and intuitive take on ambience. Best of all, it’s coming to the Needle in the Hay prize pool.

Fab Filter Pro-R

The Pro Bundle focuses on those fundamental tasks for creating world-class productions in any genre: EQ, dynamic control and space.

The Pro-C 2 compressor and Pro-G gate/expander offer up fine control of dynamic range on individual sound sources — an essential for making your drum kit come to life.

The Pro-Q 3 is FabFilter’s industry-leading EQ. Its intuitive user-interface is unrivalled and it offers more flexibility than any other EQ on the market. Couple this with the Pro-DS, and you’ve covered the essentials for your vocal channel strip.

On the master bus, you’ll find the Pro-MB multi-band compressor and expander — just the thing for taming unruly peaks across the whole mix. The Pro-L 2 is FabFilter’s cutting edge limiter, which gives you unprecedented functionality for this all-important task.

Finally — the most recent arrival to the FabFilter fold — the Pro-R reverb. In typical fashion for the company, it provides a fresh and musical interpretation of this vital space creating tool.

All up, this suite of premium plugins adds up to a value of $739. For your chance to win, submit your track to Needle in the Hay.

For more details on the Pro Bundle, visit FabFilter.