Let Fable console you with his euphoric new single 'Easier'

Let Fable console you with his euphoric new single ‘Easier’

Life may not be getting any easier, but the new single from Fable and Silas Futura sure makes it a whole lot better.

South-Aukland-based hip hop prodigy Fable might not show his face publicly, but he certainly wears his heart on his sleeve. His latest single is no different, teaming up with longtime friends Phlu (FKA 2047) and Silas Futura on Easier.

Fable has risen to prominence as an anonymous figure, letting his music speak for itself, and his cosy new release is one of the best examples of that approach. Easier boasts Some of his cleanest production to date and melodies that bypass the small talk, burrowing deep into the feels.

Fable New Zealand Artist
Fable via Instagram

At a time when uncertainty is clouding our everyday lives, feeling supported is one of the most important thing you can do.That’s the message Fable want to get across with Easier, shedding light on the necessity of surrounding yourself with the right people.

Speaking on the track, Fable explained, “Growing up I had this weird assumption that I’ll know how to be an adult and life would get easier once I hit my 20s. Now being in it I know that life just gets more complicated and complex.”

“No-one really knows what they’re doing, and it can get stressful. The people you surround yourself with, family and friends, they’re the ones that will help you get through it when it gets tough.”

For lack of a better word, this is simply a gorgeous song, criminally underrated given its quality. Good luck making it through the hook without adding it straight to your playlist.

Listen to Easier below.