Fall into April & The Drift’s dreamy new track ‘Autumn Rain’

April & The Drift have released a new track titled Autumn Rain and it is truly dreamy. April is a blues-jazz singer who composes her own lyrics – having originally grown up and lived in Copenhagen, she started her musical career at an early age, writing and performing her own songs.

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April & The Drift brings us a beautifully layered new song Autumn Rain; three minutes of pure listening bliss.

Joined by lead guitarist and pianist Fidel Carmona, the group is skilled in its ability to transcend genres, moving between jazzy blues, country blues, pop, reggae and acoustic folk. Autumn Rain is a beautifully layered song that showcases the combined talent of the group.

Set against the lulling sound of the piano, April’s vocals are fleeting – almost haunting – but mesmerising as we move through the gentle tempo of the song. Combined with acoustic guitar and cello, there is a slow jazz undercurrent that fuels this piece — all of which is compacted into just three minutes.

There is no distortion nor electronically-generated sound to distract us from the instrumental finesse in this piece, rather it is raw and effortless but no less impressive or evocative. Like other tracks released by the band, this song is infused with poetry so that the lyrics become pronounced despite the instrumental genius that guides the listener.

Check out the new song below and be sure to follow April & The Drifts on Soundcloud and Spotify.