Hope Sandoval shares poem remembering David Roback

Hope Sandoval remembers David Roback in a new Facebook post. Roback recently passed away at age 61 to the dismay and sadness of fans everywhere. The talented producer and multi-instrumentalist was central to the revival of the neo-psychedelic music scene before joining forces with Sandoval in the late 80s to start the well-renowned band Mazzy Star.

Hope Sandoval has described her heartbreak at recently losing her bandmate David Roback.

In a recent Facebook post, Sandoval described her heartbreak and torment at losing her bandmate and dear friend in a touching attribute to his memory.

“I am devastated,” Hope wrote. “Thank you all for the love.”

Mazzy Star have released a number of albums since their initial formation in 1987, including their most recent EP in 2018 titled Still. Although it could be argued that the bulk of their success was established in the trio of albums they released throughout the 90s, which included So Tonight That I Might See – the record which featured Fade Into You, possibly the biggest track ever released by the band.

Along with the caption, Sandoval attached an image of a poem in homage to the immense way Robrack’s death has been felt in her life: