‘Fallin’ for You’ by ives. is an intoxicating disco anthem

New Zealand-based force of nature ives. has just released the slinky pop heater, Fallin’ for You – an ode to the intensity of love and letting it go.

Emerging independent artist ives. is a creative force to be reckoned with. Relocating to Sydney from Auckland to pursue a dancing career, she fell in love with the process of writing and performing music.

In her new single Fallin’ for You and its accompanying music video, ives.’ passions coalesce in the form of an intoxicating pop song. And just like the subject it addresses, it hits hard.

Photo: Gabrielle Stoddard

The track kicks off with a retro, Nile Rodgers-inspired funk motif on guitar, before we’re introduced to the voice of ives. It’s treated intimately, the lyrics are direct and conversational and though the delivery of the vocal is relaxed, it effortlessly cuts through the mix.

The underpinning beats have an old-school hip hop flair with a tempo that nudges into disco territory. The clubby feeling is enhanced as the filters open up when it hits the chorus and the layers of the mix bloom.

This underlines the juxtaposition at the heart of Fallin’ For You. Lyrically, it’s a lament, revolving around the thrill of infatuation, and the ache when that feeling dissipates. But the music is celebratory and crammed with infectious grooves and hooks that will get you out on the dancefloor.

Stream Fallin’ for You here and watch the video below: