NZ duo False Heights will charm your socks straight off with debut EP No? Who…?

False Heights are Ashley Pirie and April Nisbet, an alt-pop duo hailing from Taupo – right in the middle of New Zealand’s North Island.

Together, they’ve been crafting dramatic and pop-savvy indie tunes since they formed in early 2016. It’s an experienced which culminated in their charming debut EP No? Who…?, which dropped just under a month ago.

false heights Ashley Pirie April Nisbet no? who...?

False Heights are set to charm your socks off on No? Who…?, a debut EP that will hug you right around the ears and not let up.

Concocting a full-bodied sound through and through, you’d almost believe False Heights to be a tad larger than two. Turns out, they’re amongst the score of contemporary musos tricking our ears with loop and pedal tech, plus the odd drum machine, in crafting something much bigger than themselves.

A heavy backdrop of delightful piano lines and electronic beats underpin each track, allowing Nisbet’s soaring vocals and Pirie’s striking guitar work to reign free.

A sky-high solo punctuates the bridge of their single Cascades, and Nisbet’s snappy vocals dance atop The Fear with absolute glee. Impressiveness of performing these tracks aside, it’s clear these are two friends who straight-up love making music together.

It’s stellar work for a debut, and call us eager for whatever comes next.

If you want to catch the infectious False Heights live, grab the details on two upcoming shows below.

Fri 20 April – Acacia Bay Community Hall, Taupo – Details
Sat 21 April – Nivara Lounge, Hamilton – Details