American fast-food chain, White Castle will hire 100 robots to flip burgers

The hamburger chain announced its plans to instal a robotics plan that will take place in nearly one-third of the company’s locations.

The Midwestern chain, White Castle has been working with Miso Robotics to develop a robot fry cook named “Flippy” since September 2020.

After the original was installed in a Chicago restaurant, further developments led to “Flippy 2”, the robot that will take 100 jobs.

Credit: Miso Robotics

Miso Robotics said in a statement: “By taking over the work of an entire fry station, Flippy 2 alleviates the pain points that come with back-of-house roles at quick-service restaurants to create a working environment for its human coworkers that maximizes the efficiency of the kitchen,”

“The improved workflow allows for the redeployment of team members to focus on creating memorable moments for customers.”