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Fat Picnic’s new album ‘Get out of my Fridge’ is brimming with upbeat energy

Fat Picnic have just dropped their highly anticipated debut album and we couldn’t be more pleased. Flying the banner for Australian reggae/ska, and doing so in incredible form, are Sunshine Coast skankers Fat Picnic with their latest knee-knocking body of work, Get Out of My Fridge. 

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Well, there’s little more to say about Get Out of My Fridge other than it is an absolutely thrilling album from start to finish and its opening track is certainly a case in point.

Can You Feel It is saturated with that infectious, off-beat skank rhythm which will bring ska fans and first-timers all into the same dancehall for an insatiable urge to move.

Fat Picnic are certainly no strangers to cooling down the pace however, with an equally pleasurable mix of softer, more gentle reggae rhythms like Feeling Good Feeling Bad and Make Me Wait. Minimalist layers of ukelele and acoustic guitar mixed with sweet but gentle vocal harmonies combine perfectly to produce the idyllic tropical reggae sound for which Queensland has become renowned.

Fat Picnic are a band of expertly balanced contrasts, matching thumping up-paced rhythms with more relaxed reggae movements while never shying away from mixing shreds of sensitive, thoughtful lyricism with outrageously hilarious in-jokes and double-entendres.

If their recent music video for the ska steamer I Don’t Wanna Get Up proves anything, it is that these guys love to have a laugh, be a bit cheeky and of course, share the fun with their audience. And how could you not have fun with such a big-hearted and joyfully spirited ensemble? Sharp, punchy and joyful melodies from the horn section are bound to lift you out of any mood and join the Picnic party!

Fat Picnic are rearing up for some mega shows, with multiple appearances to be had at Woodford Folk Festival over New Year.

Get Out of My Fridge could not have arrived at a better time to welcome in our silly season with endless carefree, positive vibrations coming direct from the band with all sorts of cheeky jams!

Stream the new album Get Out of My Fridge below (WARNING: you may need some space to dance).


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November 22, 2019