Fazerdaze releases ‘Flood Into’ a journey of love, loss and personal reclamation

After capturing our attention in 2017 with ‘Lucky Girl’, Fazerdaze has once again swept us off our feet with the new single ‘Flood Into’.

New Zealand’s very own singer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Fazerdaze, known by the given name Amelia Murray, has gifted us with an irresistibly catchy new single called “Flood Into.”

Previously only available on vinyl, this track can now be streamed on all platforms, making it accessible to a wider audience. The single is part of Fazerdaze’s latest project, the emotionally charged and therapeutic “Break!” EP, released via section1 after a hiatus of over five years.

fazerdaze flood into

“Flood Into” showcases the artist’s signature blend of fuzzy guitars, dreamy vocals, and nostalgic shoegaze sound, imbued with a gritty and glamorous edge. Amelia explains that the song revolves around the theme of deep love and loss, and how she reclaimed herself after going through a challenging cycle. The track captures the feeling of her own energy rushing to fill her back up again, written in anticipation of a break-up. It embodies the melancholy of letting go of someone she loved in order to walk her own path and rediscover herself. Fazerdaze adds that the song speaks to anyone who has ever lost sight of themselves in love.

Fazerdaze’s debut album, “Morningside,” released in 2017, garnered critical acclaim from Pitchfork and Mojo, propelling Amelia to global recognition and a tour around the world from her hometown of Auckland. But behind the scenes, things were falling apart. Unhealthy personal relationships, imposter syndrome, and mental exhaustion took a toll on her creative output, leaving her unable to complete even a single song for years. However, when she stopped pushing herself to be resilient and allowed herself to be vulnerable, something shifted.

“Break!” EP, the first release from Fazerdaze in over five years, was born during a three-month long lockdown in New Zealand, while Amelia was living in isolation for the first time, fresh out of a nine-year-long relationship. The EP reflects her emotional journey, from rock bottom to personal growth and reclamation. It is an empowering portrait of surrender and self-discovery, a vital release for Amelia as she rediscovered herself as both a musician and a human being.



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4th March, OuterFields, Auckland*

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