Fender announces 60th Anniversary Road Worn Jazz Bass

Fender announces 60th Anniversary Road Worn Jazz Bass

Fender has launched a special 60th Anniversary Road Worn Jazz Bass. While the look is classic, there are new tonal options on offer.

After marking 70 years with a special reissue Esquire, Fender has turned their attention to the bottom end with a striking 60th Anniversary Jazz Bass.

The 60th Anniversary Road Worn Jazz Bass is just the thing for players craving that relic’d finish. But not content with a carbon-copy reissue, Fender has included a pair of specially designed single-coil pickups and a new tone and volume knob configuration.

60th anniversary road worn jazz bass firemist

When the Precision Bass was introduced in 1951, there was nothing like this newly fretted bass on the market. Fender followed this a decade later with the Jazz Bass — an instrument that provided a brighter and richer response in the mid-range to treble zones of the frequency spectrum.

This model possesses familiar vintage specs — the unmistakable narrow neck profile and bitey single-coil pickups are just a couple. It also comes in three different finishes: Three-Colour Sunburst, Olympic White and Firemist Silver.

In a novel twist for the Jazz Bass, the single tone knob has been removed in favour of stacked, concentric tone and volume controls for both the neck and bridge pickups. This gives players unprecedented control over the tonal characteristics of this classic instrument.

Watch the demo below and head over to the Fender website for more info.