Fender created two stunning amps from the oak of an 18th century American warship and we likey

At this year’s National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) event, Fender showed off the newest additions from their Custom Shop.

The two Old Ironsides amps are comprised of leftover wood from the construction of the legendary USS Consitution warship.

Photo credit by Fender and Wikipedia
Images: Fender/Wikipedia

Age-old oak cabinets with dock-cleat handles are not just for the aesthetic. Fender have scored the original wood off an 18th century American warship to create two very special amps.

According to News Atlas, the wood was discovered in 2011 at Boston’s former Charlestown Naval Yard while the USS Constitution was being repaired. Workers stumbled across the oak beams which were all in good condition and a portion was made available to the public.

The 26W Old Ironsides Pro is based on Fender’s ’57 Custom Pro combo and the 5W Old Ironsides Champ is off the ’57 Custom Champ.

The amps don’t just feature centuries-old wood, but are “encased in age-old oak cabinets with a hand-rubbed oil finish, sport eye-catching dock-cleat handles, and have been treated to brass top panels, control knobs and hardware” including “hand-wired circuitry, ‘specially modified’ components and US-made speakers.”

The famous frigate dates all the way back to construction beginning in 1794 and it’s launch in 1779. It gained iconic status for it’s vital role defeating several British warships in the war of 1812 before sailing around the world in the 1840s.

Nicknamed ‘Old Ironsides,’ it is now the world’s oldest commissioned naval vessel afloat and resides at the USS Constitution Museum.

As for price, The Old Ironsides Pro costs $20,000 while the Old Ironsides Champ is capped at $10,000.

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Via News Atlas