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Fender Player Series: A Celebration of New Classics

Fender celebrates their iconic Player Series with new colours, accessories and artist stamp of approval like HAIM and Dominic Fike.

Since 2018 Fender has been making their very successful Player Series, designed for musicians of the future. They’re affordable but still with all the world class build that Fender is known the world over, and they’ve just got even better.

Fender has added new colourways to the Player Series lineup — Seafoam Green (an eye-catching blue) and Candy Apple Red (a rich, deep red) — and there’s a whole new bunch of features from pickups with vintage tones, Modern “C” neck profiles, extended range 22-fret necks, upgraded bridges for improved performance and easier setups, traditional body radii handcrafted with players in mind for improved comfort and an “F”-stamped neck plate to be more in line with that authentic Fender look.

The innovative line of guitars and basses is their best-selling series, aimed at a more diverse, passionate, and inclusive world of guitar and bass players. On top of that, it’s aimed at those musicians, both aspiring and upcoming, who sit firmly in the middle price-range buyers that have previously felt they couldn’t reach for a classic Fender.

All of the Player Series instruments feature either a maple fingerboard, or Pau Ferro fingerboard, and there’s a lot of models to choose from. There’s the classics like the Stratocaster, Telecaster, Precision and Jazz Bass and there’s offset and others like Jaguar, Jazz Master, Duo-Sonic, and Mustang guitars and basses. And for the left handed legends amongst us, there is quite a few left-handed models too.

If you are wondering what they sound like you can watch both their new in-depth product demo videos featuring players Aldana Aguirre, Horace Bray and Arianna Powell, and also our recent Live from Happy session with Perth Indie-rockers Dice: they were using a Stratocaster, Telecaster, and Jazz Bass.

Check out more over at Fender.com