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Film festival to mix ‘The Lighthouse’ and ‘The Truman Show’ in crazy experiment

Are you a huge film fan? A Swedish film festival is offering an opportunity to re-enact The Lighthouse for one lucky movie lover.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, most in-person events are unable to held. Many event organisers have instead moved their plans to another hopefully COVID-free point in time or to the virtual space of online.

However, one film festival is determined to offer an in-person experience despite current circumstances. The setting that this film festival has chosen appears to invoke a certain psychological horror-thriller about isolation and mental health in the face of that situation.

The Lighthouse Film
GIF: The Lighthouse / A24

While there will be a digital component for everyone else, Sweden’s Göteborg Film Festival is giving one person the opportunity to spend a week on an isolated lighthouse island with nothing but themselves and 60 films.

Dubbed “The Isolated Cinema,” the “winner” will be transported to the island of Pater Noster off the coast of western Sweden. Distractions such as mobile phones, laptops, and books will not be allowed in order for the participant to focus on the films. Supplies including food will also be provided, with the person not having to pay for the experience.

The candidate will be able to record their experience in a video diary that should eventually turn into something resembling The Blair Witch Project as they go deeper and deeper into isolation madness. Another person will be present on the island for safety reasons, though if all goes to plan, the two will never meet.

The ideal candidate will not only be someone interested in film, but also be capable of handling a week of isolation. There is no confirmation if Robert Pattinson or Willem Dafoe have applied, considering their experience staying on a remote island with a lighthouse.

The experiment is part of the festival’s focus for this year, “Social Distances”, in order to explore the impact of film in a post-COVID world. Besides the island, the festival is also offering the opportunities to watch films alone at a 14,000-seater arena and a 700-seater theatre.

Apply for the opportunity of a lifetime before the 17 January deadline here.