New Gengar plushie has a massive tongue you can just fucking pass out on

Fed up of life and just want to relax? Check out the new official Gengar plush whose mouth is big enough to put your head in.

Most of us are just plain tired after the hellhole of 2020 and the potential shitshow that could be 2021. In these circumstances, nothing comforts more than childhood nostalgia.

Premium Bandai put up a new Pokémon plush for pre-order, this time being the Ghost/Poison-type Gengar. At 170cm long, the Gengar doubles as both a plush and a roll-out bed. The bed comes in the form of Gengar’s extremely long tongue, with a pillow being present inside the Pokémon’s head.

Pokemon Gengar Bed
Image: Premium Bandai

The tongue can also be used as a blanket as demonstrated in the product images. Speaking of which, the product images look pretty cooked.

The plush is modelled by a man in a suit who demonstrates the various positions it can be used in. While sleeping in a full suit and tie seems like a terrible idea unless your name is Barney Stinson, there is a sense that the corporate lifestyle has drained this man of his hope and soul if he is using the Gengar in these ways.

P-Bandai put the plush up for the absolutely insane price of 25,590 yen (AU$317), with the plush’s pre-orders having sold out already.

Of course, this is not the only weird piece of Pokémon merch. Back in November, Bandai released a Metapod sleeping bag for those who feel as useless as the Bug-type Pokémon in question.

Since the Ghost/Dark-type Gengar would have normal effectiveness versus the Bug-type Metapod, it appears that Bandai marketed both products towards the same market of those who just want to relax after everything that has happened over the past few years.

With the product images depicting the Gengar able to be positioned on a desk, perhaps sleeping when working from home can be a bit more comfortable.