Live your Pokémon dreams in this official Metapod sleeping bag

Have you ever wanted to transform yourself from Caterpie to Butterfree? Experience the metamorphosis with the official Metapod Sleeping Bag.

One of the most well-known and dearly loved Pokémon evolutions is Caterpie to Butterfree, the Pokémon based off the real-life metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly.

Premium Bandai Japan’s newest merchandise is allowing you to be a part of that transformation through the embodiment of “the Cocoon Pokémon” with the Metapod Sleeping Bag.

Metapod Sleeping Bag

Metapod’s design is based off the swallowtail butterfly chrysalis, and the sleeping bag gets the look right on the money. With its perfect colouration and unique shape, you’ll only stand out from the chrysalis crowd due to the eyes located on either side of the Pokémon’s head, and the absolute massive scale of the adult-sized sleeping bags.

The sleeping bag is made of polyester, and Metapod’s distinct shape is created with an internal cushion for your comfort. Sleeping flat on you back in this sleeping bag is out of the question, with the design optimised for sleeping sitting up, on your sides, or on your back with your legs sticking straight up, as displayed by Premium Bandai’s enthusiastic product model.

Currently only available in Japan, Bandai’s official Metapod Sleeping Bag valued at 35,000 yen (around $456 AUD) has already sold out.

The Metapod Sleeping Bag line is releasing April of next year, but all stock has already been bought by Pokéfans. For now, keep the Metapod Sleeping Bag in the back of your mind so you can grab one next year.

Access Premium Bandai Japan’s official page for the Metapod Sleeping Bag here.