These fish beat ‘Pokemon Sapphire’ after only 3195 hours

By motion tracking their tank, a team of fish have successfully beaten Pokemon Sapphire and become the internet’s new favourite gamers.

As of November the 7th, we’re going to have to add fish to our list of pro gamers. These guys have defeated Steven Stone, the Hoenn region champion in Pokemon Sapphire.

Many of us might have fond childhood memories of playing the Pokemon games. But did we ever imagine the possibility of having fish replicate that experience?

pokemon sapphire

The Infinite Monkey Theorem states that even a monkey could type out any given text if it bashes at a typewriter for an infinite period of time. When given an unlimited amount of time, anything can happen regardless of its low probability.

Although beating Pokemon Sapphire isn’t the same as typing out Hamlet, this is still a pretty cool testament to gaming and science.

These fish simply swum in their fish tanks with a different key binding mapped to each section of its confinements. Their random movements would be comparable to someone mashing the buttons repeatedly until they beat the game. In total it took 3195 hours, or 133 days worth of play.

These gamers even took turns playing the game, and fortunately, all four of them cleared the game alive.

Live on the Mutekimaru channel, these fish are currently dishing out some Pokemon Sapphire post-game content. Check it out below: