Don’t link your phone number to ‘Genshin Impact’, here’s why

Genshin Impact did a major oopsie. Your personal phone number may be leaked if it was linked with your account.

Genshin Impact has topped the charts, an RPG that has dominated the scene since its September release. From social media to emails, players had many ways of signing up. However, we have bad news for anyone with a linked mobile number. 

The Chinese developer miHoYo accidentally made their security verification page display every digit from your phone number, meaning anyone could’ve gone fishing for it using your email or username only.

genshin impact

Anyone on the Genshin Impact NA and EU servers would’ve had their phone numbers at risk via the linked phone number verification page. A colossal blunder in security and privacy and thankfully, it’s been resolved since. 

As only some players have experienced this issue, meaning the going theory was that this was an internal bug rather than an intentional feature. Luckily, it appears that no numbers from the SEA region have experienced this issue – Australia is safe. 

As of the 10th of November, it seems that this issue has been fixed for everyone (for now). However, we still urge everyone to click on ‘Forgot password?’ on the login page to check. If your digits aren’t partially censored, we advise you to unlink your phone number from Genshin Impact right away.

See this Reddit post for more information.