Someone has created an Australian Pokemon Universe… and it’s pretty bang on

Aussie Pokemon fans are about to cream their poke-balls, because an artist has created an entire Australian Pokemon universe called Pokemon: Yeah Nah edition. 

VivInk Studios are hard at work on Ailuri, (a hand-drawn, 2d game slated for a 2020 Steam and Nintendo release that you can check out here) but one artist has taken time out of his busy schedule to pour a Furphy all over the Pokemon Universe.

With the Australian Pokemon all looking worthy of official canon, it’s no surprise that VivInk Studios’ twitter feed is going gangbusters.

The cities in the “Straya” map are loosely based off Brisbane, Darwin, Sydney and Melbourne, and theoretically gives players the opportunity to start in their favourite city.

Not only are the Pokemon designed to perfection, but VivInk Studios are also good for a pun. Many props must go to naming an Australian water Pokemon “Bondiver.”

Even the humble bin chicken gets a shout out.

They’ve also been kind enough to throw out further detail on a few select designs:


People can’t get enough of Pokemon mashups and Pokemon: Yeah Nah Edition is no exception. Particularly when Nurse joy has arguably the most patriotic of all the Pokemons…

…Unless of course Steve Irwin became a playable trainer.

Unfortunately it appears this will only be concept art at this stage. But alas, one can dream for the next Pokemon release to be a VivInk Studios creation. Here’s hoping, but I guess you can’t always pikachus how it goes.