Medieval man bullied for being ugly 600 years after dying

A medieval man’s face was recently reconstructed after his skeleton was discovered in Scotland, a country always happy to give the world weird and interesting stories.

Roughly around 600 years-old and affectionately known as Skeleton 125, a crack team of archaeologists found him in Aberdeen in 2015, where it laid within the remains of a further 381 individuals. This was a remarkable find by the AOC Archaeology Group, but as always, the internet are having a field day at arguably the wrong thing. Arguably.

Image by AOC

The 600-year-old medieval man, affectionately labelled Skeleton 125, is getting roasted on Twitter for having, well, his own face.

With his face recreated using the wonders of technology, those same wonders have also been utilised to ensure that even in death, Skeleton 125 can be bullied mercilessly for his appearance:


AOC’s hard work has accumulated in identifying more than just his appearance, however. Using advanced forensic science, the archaeology group identified that Skeleton 125 was around 46 years old when he died, and was suffering degenerative joint disease in his lower and middle back.

His dental hygiene was less than ideal too. Riddled with cavities, abscesses and periodontal disease, it is unlikely his tiny, tiny mouth ever saw a toothbrush.

But was any of this appreciated by Twitter?




Not even the Chris Pratt treatment could improve it:

Let’s not beat around the bush here, Skeleton 125 was not much of a looker. Standing at five foot two and with a face that makes him look like a character in a Paul Jennings book, he would’ve had it hard even 600 hundred years ago.

Although this recreation may look ridiculous but it’s the only one we’ve got, so I guess we’ll have to take it at face value.