Finally, an avocado that is worth the price. Thanks World Champion!

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World Champion’s EP Avocado Galaxy sounds inspired by a chilled out Australian summer’s evening. The tracks have a trippy bounce to them; the music comes on like waves building up to a steady rhythm and a hope that the sun stays up a little longer to experience more.

World Champion avocado galaxy

Weird, vibrant and ready to start the party, new Future Classic kids World Champion have cobbled together an EP to boogie to with Avocado Galaxy.

The Sydney two-piece, made up of Julian Sudek and Will Campion, are alumni of esteemed electronic music connoisseur Future Classic, and have birthed an EP that paints a beautiful picture. Sudek has played with a few bands such as Canyons, FLRL with Jono Ma and Kirin J Cillinan, and George Maple. Campion has played with Cut Silk and The Chevaliers as well as working as a producer. The pair has been around, and you can hear they’ve learned a lot about creating some truly enjoyable tunes.

The title track, Avocado Galaxy is a bopping tune that is lively and has a flow that makes the hips want to dance. Tip Pit starts off with a bit of surf swing, a track best enjoyed with a lover in playful moments. Snakes gives a sense of searching through a maze, looking for the exit and instead finding surprises that keep you wanting to stay lost inside. Avocado Mood turns in a more experimental sound that has a calming centre.

It’s hard look past the title track as a favourite. After all, it landed at number 81 in the Happy 100. There’s something about the upbeat beats, the psychedelic flow, the call to dance, smile and to enjoy life. Avocado Galaxy (the song and EP), gets stuck in the background of your mind and you’ll wish it will never leave there. It makes you feel like going to the beach and watching waves do their dance guided by an Avocado Moon.

The Avocado Galaxy EP leaves you wanting more from World Champion. Imagine creating art or writing poetry, going for a drive to a festival or the beach, or putting World Champion on in moments when there needs to be a chilled vibe. These two sound like the start of the party, with the anticipation and hopefulness of a great night ahead. This EP is a tasty treat for summer’s heat.

World Champion’s Avocado Galaxy is out now through Future Classic and will be available on vinyl and through digital download.

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