Find some peace of mind with the soothing Asher

Melbourne producer Asher has created a truly unique sound of ambient indie pop, and his latest single Can’t Sleep ft. Lauren Irwin-Ray, which is only his second single release proves how much talent and future potential this kid has.


Young Melbourne producer Asher brings together his love for guitar and his new love for electronic beats to create peaceful, spacey sounds on Can’t Sleep.

Asher began writing basic ideas for acoustic guitar tracks about five years ago when he finished school, then a couple years back started jamming with Gab Strum, the alter ego of the increasingly popular Japanese Wallpaper. It was here Asher started learning basic music production techniques and began making demos from home, covering various songs. From starting out as only a guitarist over time Asher had moved into the electronic world, where he marries these two sounds together. Speaking on the marriage of his two styles Asher said “It’s sort of progressed from a guitar riff and basic electronic beat on my early demos, to a blend of guitars, keys, beats and synths”.

His latest single Can’t Sleep, which follows on from his debut single Lost for Words ft. Ari Weing, boasts folky, indie sounds, and would be the perfect ‘stay in bed on a rainy day until the afternoon’ type song. It is so soothing and peaceful to listen to, and has a bit of a cosmic and spacey vibe. Irwin-Ray’s vocals are soft and angelic, and fit perfectly with the tone of the song. There are quite a few sounds that come through, but they are mixed so well that they all balance and none of them overpower each other, with Asher saying “Sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s what”.

His first single Lost For Words has similar tones to Can’t Sleep, with a few deeper and less subtle beats, but still harbours the same dreamy pop sounds. With a video for Can’t Sleep on the way, and his debut EP Sentiment set for release mid-June, 2015 is already shaping up to be a busy one for Asher. If his first two singles are any indication of what the rest of the EP will bring, then it seems it will most definitely deliver the goods. So make sure to keep watching Asher’s social media for updates on Sentiment.