Threshold: Fishdan’s Captivating Blend of EDM and Pop

EDM-pop artist Fishdan finds courage in vulnerability with ‘Threshold,’ a captivating musical journey blend of EDM and pop.

Meet Fishdan: The brainchild of Wollongong’s music virtuoso and producer extraordinaire, Hugo Hunt. With a passion to share his musical creations rather than hoarding them in the digital abyss, Fishdan emerged last year as an electrifying outlet.

Embracing the perfect fusion of dance-worthy beats and soul-stirring emotions, Fishdan crafts an enchanting realm within the realms of pop and electronic genres, unafraid to push the boundaries and take daring sonic leaps.”


What might Fishdan be hinting at with his improved spelling? Perhaps that he’s getting more serious about releasing more music. This should come as good news to other coastal dance-heads or likeminded fans of his influences like Memphis LK and Fred again. Following up on previous singles ‘Crayzy’ and ‘Umbreller’ to release ‘Threshold’ as his second single of the year. 

I started releasing music last year as an outlet to let people hear some of my songs, instead of letting them sit on my computer collecting dust” explains Fishdan. “My main goal is to try and make songs that people can dance to, [while] also feeling the emotion”. 

‘Threshold’ hooks us in from the get-go with a vibrant layering of rhythmic synth, and electronic bass and drums, made edgier by distorted background vocals. Fishdan’s smooth voice enters, singing “and I got you feeling bad ‘cos I left you when you needed me…I can’t blame it on my health ‘cos you knew that I was happy”.

Such frank and direct vocals indicate courage and vulnerability for Fishdan as a lyric writer, looking to get to the crux of issues with minimal lag.

“Was my fault to leave ya”, he reminisces in the chorus, “I can’t keep in my threshold”. After releasing these lines from his psyche, Fishdan encourages a physical release from us with the proceeding instrumental break. A lead synth line enters soon after, proceeding with a dirty buzz that syncopates smoothly with the rhythmic foundations. 

Following this, Fishdan proceeds with his second verse atop a different beat, still reminiscing with a level of apparent guilt or remorse about his actions within a past relationship. After the second verse, a phased-in synth segues us into a short, intricate, and glitchy bridge. The third and final chorus guides us back into the overall style of the song, before it wraps up just over its quick two minute runtime. 

Prepare to groove to the infectious beats of Fishdan’s electrifying new track, ‘Threshold,’ as it finally drops today (July 21)! Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of EDM-pop bliss, streaming now below for an unforgettable musical experience.

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Review By Corin Shearston