Jaxyn Lethe releases fourth single, ‘I Can Take It’

Jaxyn Lethe Strikes Gold with Her Latest: ‘I Can Take It’ – A Time-Shifting Indie Gem!

Jaxyn Lethe is undeniably making waves in the music scene as her song ‘So Much Cooler’ earns a spot on Spotify’s prestigious ‘Fresh Indie Finds’ playlist. With this remarkable achievement under her belt, the talented Baltimore artist is gearing up for a sensational year ahead.

Her third single for the year, ‘I Can Take It’, continues this upward trajectory. Lethe’s innovative approach to music has now led to ‘I Can Take It’ and the bonus track ‘Here And There’ being released as a ‘double single’.

Jaxyn Lethe

While ‘I Can Take It’ sneakily changes its time signature from 3/4 to 4/4 and 5/4 in rapid succession, solidifying through a unique blend of acoustic and electronic instrumentation, its lyrics relate the importance of boundary-setting. “If you realise something is making you sick, or a fire is getting larger”, Lethe explains, “action needs to be taken to stop the growth or else you’ll be dead or burnt”.

‘I Can Take It’ begins with cascading piano notes which slowly merge with shimmering synth and emerging background details before heavy electronic drums enter as the bedrock for Lethe’s youthful and honest vocals. “My heart is open…I’m ready for it”, she sings.

Throughout the duration of the relaxing, psychedelic and transportive song, Lethe’s words repeat in their rhythm and harmony to become a mantra of sorts. While sounding innocent to the unknowing ear, phrases like “I’m six feet under” hint at the dark underlying message of the song. 

“The lyrics were written about [an inability] to set boundaries”, Lethe explains, “and the tragic outcome [this might have]”. 

A piano prodigy since the age of three, Lethe’s classical background now fuels her innovative songwriting and composition. Studying at Boston’s Berklee College Of Music, she embraces the rules of songcraft while brilliantly breaking them.

During the COVID-19 lockdowns, Lethe honed her craft with Logic Pro X, churning out 50 original songs. Now, her best works are captivating her online fanbase. Get ready to be mesmerized by her musical genius and brace yourself for Jaxyn Lethe‘s emergence as she takes 2023 by storm!

Review by Corin Shearston