Here are five incredible albums you may have missed last month

August has been a pretty decent month for music. Mitski released possibly the best record of the year with Be The Cowboy, Eminem returned with a surprise new album Kamikaze, and Tash Sultana finally shared her debut full-length release Flow State.

Though while these albums dominated headlines and review columns, there’s been a stack of great music released that you could’ve easily missed. So here’s our collection of August’s five best releases that flew under the radar.

A lot of great music was released last month. So here’s a lit of five albums that you might have missed but are definitely worth your time.

Ha The Unclear – Invisible Lines

Later this month, Auckland-based outfit Ha The Unclear will be descending upon Aussie shores for our NZ Week Party at The Lady Hampshire. We can’t bloody wait.

This four-piece have been one of our favourite acts for some time now, and on their most recent album Invisible Lines they proved why.

Brimming with brilliant lyricism and bright, infectious indie-rock instrumentation, Invisible Lines is irresistibly idiosyncratic.

Do yourself a favour and have a listen, and catch Ha The Unclear live at our NZ Week Party on September 29th – more info on that here.

Avantdale Bowling Club – Self Titled

Unless you’ve spent the past couple of years scouring through the world of Kiwi hip-hop, Tom Scott probably isn’t a name you’ve come across.

Though for the better half of a decade, Scott has been consistently producing some of the most impressive hip-hop on the globe… and his most recent project Avantdale Bowling Club may just be his most impressive work yet.

For the new project, Scott gathered a crew of New Zealand’s most talented musicians to craft an album that effortlessly glides through incredibly smooth, jazzy hip-hop. If you’re a fan of Koi Child or To Pimp A Butterfly era Kendrick, hurry up and listen to Avantdale Bowling Club – you won’t be disappointed.

Bored Shorts – Looking Up

It was last year that we first heard from Sydney group Bored Shorts with their debut single Day & Age. Then last month, the band released their debut six-track EP… and unsurprisingly, it’s really great.

With introspective lyricism, the band breeze through a distinctly Australian brand of slack-rock that’s guaranteed to warm your heart. Their bright guitar lines and considered vocal harmonies will rope you in and make you feel like you’ve just made a life-long friend.

Don’t waste anymore time – listen to Bored Shorts now!

Terry – I’m Terry

Just before August could draw to a close, Melbourne quartet Terry slipped in their third full-length album I’m Terry.

With official endorsement from Henry Rollins, Terry’s new album is a DIY indie-pop paradise; seamlessly flipping between clever one-liners and weighty political statements.

Mixed and mastered by Mikey Young, I’m Terry perfectly adopts a lo-fi pop aesthetic, driving forward their quirky humour.

The Beths – Future Me Hates Me

Wow, New Zealand produced a lot of great music last month. Perhaps none more impressive than Auckland indie-rock four-piece The Beths – who unveiled their incredible debut full-length album Future Me Hates Me.

The music is irresistibly jangly, with bright vocal hooks and air-tight instrumentation… though the subject matter is all pretty pessimistic. Though it’s this duality that gives Future Me Hates Me a really interesting spin.

Sometimes it’s punchy, other times it’s full slacker-rock – but across this new album The Beths never lose control of their loveable sound.