FKA Twigs becomes a dystopian superhero in her latest Instagram zine

FKA Twigs returns with another issue of her Instagram zine AVANTgarden. The visionary artist sets her sights upon a dystopian future in the Insta-based magazine’s third issue, titled Meatspace.

Exploring a future where artificial intelligence has taken over the world, the issue takes the form of a “graphic motion novel”. Artists prove to be the sole survivors of an ensuring massacre and Twigs herself serves as the inspiration behind the main character.

The zine is born from a collaboration with Oneohtrix Point Never (Daniel Lopatin), featuring music by Cy An and cello from Lucinda Chua. The digital mag also contains glorious artwork and animations from Icky H.

FKA Twigs
Photo: FKA twigs, Icky H

FKA Twigs treats fans to a vivid, futuristic and incredibly thought-provoking Instagram zine with the latest issue of AVANTgarden.

FKA Twigs found the artist on Instagram and shared how moved she was by the illustrator’s work, stating, “I was really touched by his representation of how superheroes could look and feel.”

“I could see myself in the strength of his characters, in a way that I hadn’t identified with a protagonist before.”

Upon the launch of the first issue, the singer-songwriter spoke to Dazed and divulged as to why the zine is available through Instagram.

“Rather than posting selfies or pictures of your cups of coffee or avocado toast, I thought it would be exciting to see people using it in more of a creative way to express themselves,” she said.

You can check out the latest issue of AVANTgarden on Instagram or have a geez of the preview below.

Via Dazed.