Flamingo Blonde spins indie-pop gold on his debut single ‘Picture Me Gone’

On his debut single, Flamingo Blonde delivers a summer anthem to soothe all your worries.

Brisbane’s indie-pop sensation Flamingo Blonde (a.k.a. James Bartlett) has finally released his debut single, and boy, was it worth the wait.

Sparkling across air-tight production, Picture Me Gone sings to the ‘80s/indie fusion that’s really in vogue right now, but takes it one step further. It’s Flamingo Blonde’s retro brand of indie-pop but set to simmer, allowing for a lusher, richer final product to come through.

flamingo blonde

Bartlett took his time releasing his first track, and it shows. Picture Me Gone is an infectious earworm that will bury itself in your brain for days, layering walls of synth, a sweltering bassline, and a sparkling melody that brings some of guitar-pop’s greatest to mind.

Opening with electro-beats and a retro-tinted filter, Picture Me Gone is immaculate from the get-go. Classically indie-pop with an air of summer daze, it’s a track with the potential to headline stages across the country.

“I first formed ‘Picture Me Gone’ in an apartment in Milan with a shitty Frankenstein of a guitar I bought off of Facebook marketplace,” the artist explains. “No drums, MIDI-keyboard synth, and some off-the-dome nonsensical lyrics. I took it to the band a few months later and we punched it up until it was one of the staples in our live set, the one that really got the crowd moving. I think it sets a really good starting point for where we’re going to take our music next.”

There’s something super fresh and refined about his sound. It’s your classic indie-pop brightness tailored to perfection with bubbly synths and a bassline that packs a punch: the ideal soundtrack to a summer captured on film.

Check out the track below: