10 of the most meme-worthy Twitter reactions to Flume eating ass on stage

A video of Flume eating ass on stage at Burning Man has gone viral, and, of course, the internet has responded with the meme-worthy goods, so we’ve compiled 10 of the most quality Twitter reactions for your viewing pleasure.

If you haven’t already seen it by now, Australia’s future bass prodigy Flume has made headlines since a video of him getting up close and personal with the nether regions of his rumoured girlfriend, Paige Elkington, onstage during his set at Burning Man went viral yesterday. Here’s hoping you wanted to see an eating ass meme today.

As if the viral video of wasn’t enough to get you through the week, the internet hath gone and it hath delivered all of the quality ass eating memes you need to get you through hump day (pun intended).

As the story goes, what led to the alleged ass-eating was that someone in the crowd was holding up a sign that sais “does Flume even eat ass?” To which, of course, Flume more than happily answered that question by quite literally sticking his face in his (rumoured) girlfriend’s ass just moments later. Elkington uploaded the video with the words “Sorry mom” written across the screen and deleted it moments later, but not before multiple people had screen recorded it and posted it on various other social media sites. If you haven’t seen the video yet, you can watch it here, but maybe don’t open it at work.

Now that you’ve watched the video, let’s be real, Flume didn’t actually eat ass on stage, he kind of just put his face in her derriere. She was wearing underwear, it was definitely consensual, and it only went for like two seconds, it’s not this graphic x-rated sex act that some people have made it out to be. So now we can all just calm down and enjoy the incarnations of the ‘eat ass meme’, of which there are many.

From those who thought that posting the video was against the ethos of the festival, to those that wished their boyfriend’s would take a leaf from Flume’s book, here are 10 of the best Twitter reactions to Flume “eating ass” on stage: