Flyball Gov’nor wage war on the present on ‘The Future Is Cancelled’

Powerful messages told through powerful beats, Flyball Gov’nor never fail to criticise society in crushing blows. Their latest release is certainly no exception.

Growing up in today’s society, there is an impending sense of dread that lingers through every minute. While we are all living through the same chaos, the perils of beginning a life raptured by climate change, pandemic, and corruption leaves a constant sense of discomfort. Our society is governed by those obsessed over short term returns and profit, rather than wellbeing and goodwill. On their latest release, Flyball Gov’nor crush this injustice under heavy beats and acidic choruses.

The Future is Cancelled is a brutal tale for the anarchist in us all, one that cuts through with outstanding clarity. Blending lockdown-bound imagery with the realities of living in a world on the brink, the Perth band have crafted a political masterpiece within the piercing walls of progressive jazz/rock.

flyball gov'nor the future is cancelled

Flyball Gov’nor are widely known for their ability to spin heavy tales through an even heavier sonic. Lords of lawlessness, their defining blend of progressive funk, jazz, and political upheaval has set them as the Australian benchmark for anthemic insurgence. The Future is Cancelled just verifies their reputation even more.

Opening with vintage-framed shots of a couple in lockdown, the video holds agitation through its detachment. As the group’s blistering sonic swells in, the pair’s misery becomes even more palpable through slightly off-centre shots and the wistful memories of a pre-COVID past layered over.

There’s no surprise that as the second chorus rolls in, so too does chaos. The couple escape their surroundings and flee to nowhere, desperately seeking some form of freedom. It’s not so much a music video as it is an arthouse-adjacent short film.

“The themes contained are all around the burden of the future on our youth generation, that we have them to thank for destroying the antiquated version that previous generations are all still working to break free from,” the band explain. “It’s an ode to youth, not to innocence, but to the historically unique situation the young leaders of this era find themselves in. A post-apocalyptic apology for leaving them to forge a new world alone.”

Spun through bloodthirsty melodies and silky imagery, The Future is Cancelled is a release for the ages. Speaking to our reality in complex tones, Flyball Gov’nor have delivered an anthemic masterpiece that simply proves their genius and heart. It’s always refreshing to listen to music penned with a purpose and the Perth group’s latest release spreads its message in stirring strokes, serving as a reminder that unless real change is enacted, our future will be cancelled before too long.

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