Foley explode with colour on their dynamite new single Can’t Help The Way

New Zealand pop duo Foley are on a roll-y. Their latest single is full of colour, optimism, and hooks that’ll latch onto you like two-sided sticky tape.  

Can’t Help The Way  marks the pair’s first new track of 2019, a slice of shimmery pop accompanied by an even shimmery-er video. Check out both for yourself below the cut.

foley nz Jade Paynter can't help the way
Photo: Jade Paynter

Take yourself to a place shining bright with affection, colour, and explosive pop sounds on Can’t Help The Way, the newest single from New Zealand’s Foley.

Foley first started making waves in 2017 with their debut release Settle, introducing their refined, electro-tinged pop to the world. Since then it’s been single after killer single, the band expanding their portfolio into a stream-generating monster.

Can’t Help The Way flirts with vocoders throughout, settling comfortably behind lead singer Ash Wallace’s vocal, lending a warm feel to the track. Add some disco-ready guitar and bass work, and that’s a hit right there.

The music video sees Wallace and bandmate Gabriel Everett first engaged in a very spicy sounding couple’s chat, before swinging their way through settings decorated with fairy lights, smoke, falling snow, and mood lighting aplenty.

Now four singles in, Foley are yet to reveal any plans for a wider release. Whether it be an EP or an album that finally reveals itself, or even if the singles keep flowing forever, we’ll be listening for more Foley.


Can’t Help The Way is out now.