Folk crooner Isaac De Heer is an intimate storyteller

Coming such a long way after first listening and then later playing in his brother’s metal band Fable, Isaac De Heer is an artist that has had his roots in music since he was little. Now developing into more folk and indie rock sounds, De Heer just released his latest single Helicopter Spins.

Isaac De Heer

From metal head to folk crooner Isaac De Heer is a man who has witnessed the world and tells its story with a sense of adventure and wonder.

This track is both atmospheric and smooth. From listening to the song it’s hard to envision that this was in fact one of the more intensive and difficult tracks for Isaac to write and perform. Even though the song sounds almost effortless in the way it all gels together, this effortlessness was definitely void within the creating process. “I tried it in 3 different keys and had to re-write the verse melody a number of times before it seemed to work” Isaac says. “It’s still one of the hardest songs to nail live“.

Isaac has toured as the supporting act with a variety of different musical talents. From artists like Temper Trap, Josh Pyke, Luke Steele, FINK and Jamie Hutchings (Bluebottle Kiss), he has had the chance to learn a great deal and implement it into his own music. It’s incredible to see how musicians at the top of their game can really hone their performance to capture the space and the moment. This is always a really inspiring thing to see for anybody. As well as learning from these experienced musicians, being a support act has enabled his music to reach a great deal of people around Australia.

As well as Australia, Isaac has had the opportunity to travel the world. He took six months off last year and travelled to Ecuador to relax and immerse himself in the writing and creating process. Whilst there he first got to experience playing the Charango and now is hoping to become more proficient at it in order to incorporate it into future songs.

Music is not the only artistic venture for Isaac however. After teaming up with good friend and photographer Kris Paulson and The Limited Summer Press, they created an online art exhibition. With a pile of new songs in the making Isaac hopes to have them recorded by the end of this year. So stayed tuned, there’s sure to be a lot of great things to come for Isaac De Heer!