Foo Fighters respond to hiatus rumours and share world’s best troll video

After there has been much speculation today about the fate of the Foo Fighters, in their typical fashion they have cleared up any confusion with a hilarious video.

Dave Grohl

There have been reports all day that the band are going on hiatus and that Dave Grohl is taking time off to work on a solo career. To ease our worries, they have now shared a brilliant video to put to rest all rumours.

The band have shared an “official band announcement”, with the help of Butch Vig guiding Grohl along his solo electronic path, while the rest of the band replace Grohl with Nick Lachey, becoming the ultimate boy-band.

In case you didn’t catch on earlier…it’s a huge fuking troll video.

As far fetched and wildly entertaining as the video is, its sole purpose is to offer the following message, which appears at the end of the clip, reading:

“For the millionth time, we’re not breaking up and nobody’s going fucking solo.”

Check out the video below.